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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm MST

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>> the gauntlet has been thrown down. bob costas, michael phelps and company winning the 800 free relay. >> yet again. quick look at tonight's medal count. the united states continues to hold a commanding lead with 26 overall medals and they have pulled ahead in golds, as well, one more than china. the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supportin towards olympic gold. michael phelps' own personal medal count is 25, 21 gold, two silver, two bronze, historic tally highlighted by his remarkable run of eight golds in beijing in 2008. if you consider the full arc of phelps' olympic career his performance tonight in the 200 butterfly has to be way up there among the long list of victories because while there were a lot
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competitively coming back in 200 fly and reclaiming the title he owned in '04 and '08 was a big deal to him. tonight he became the oldest swimmer male or female to win individual gold medal in olympic history. we take one more look at michael phelps latest remarkable showing. so long from rio. >> take your mark. >> kenderesi in lane four. cseh in lane three.
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leclos. the other two swimmers have a great chance to win. kenderesi probably because he is so young might not be able to do it. phelps had a great turn in the middle of the pool. >> cseh had the lead at the turn. michael looks like he is going to have the lead here at the half way point. >> phelps in lane five looking really good early on. that is a little long on that turn. not too bad. but out very quickly. he was 53 flat when he went 164. >> had half second lead on leclos.
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bit. cseh two lanes above him. leclos looks like he is running a clear second. michael phelps has the lead with 50 meters left. he tracks that turn. leclos had a big turn. >> gaining on michael phelps a little bit. he is running second right now. michael phelps hanging on. 15 meters left for michael phelps is going to do it again. and leclos didn't even know.
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phelps left here, look who is back on top in the 200 fly. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure
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liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe and coop, starts now. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture. >> from the valley to rio. an incredible night as michael
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medals. and, the usa gymnastics team doing it again. winning the gold. >> tempe's sam doorman getting ready for his quest for gold. >> fans headed to rio to cheer on devin allen. >> a marine gunned down. the killer on the run. tonight, a vigil in his honor. >> what if you saw someone swerving? what if he is is a cop? >> hello everyone. from rio, another historic night here at the olympics. usa gymnastics winning the gold. first, michael phelps diving into the pool. continuing his quest for even more gold. mark, caribe, i know you guys will be following that from
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>> michael phelps is super human. >> at the age of 31 after coming back from retirement, she has picked up two more gold medals. >> michael phelps, the most decorated swimmer in olympic history. making it look easy taking the gold. phelps din free style relay. phelps teaming up with his long time rival. >> phelps bringing home the final 200 meters to clinch his 21st gold. >> phelps celebrating with his fiance nicole. their baby son boomer and debbie who has been by his side for the past five olympics.
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gold medals. the 100-meter fly. the hundred meter individual medley. and a medley relay. when all is said and done, phelps could end up with a mind boggling 28 career medals. 24 of those gold. he substantial doubts at 25 and 21. >> phelps has won gold in his first three events in rio. the 100 im on wednesday and thursday. the 100 butterfly on thursday and friday with the medley re the other big story of the night of course, team usa and women's gymnastics doing it again. they won the gold. and now, it is twice in a row. the final five including simone, allie, gabby, madison, and lori. they are coming in with a huge lead. team usa whipping second place russia by more than 8 points.
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we have been training so hard for this. i think that is what we all did. but it is very unreal. >> the team's goal marketing a pivotal moment. that is because this is the last olympics for the coordinator martha. she has played a pivotal role in the rise of gymnastics in the u.s. during the last 30 years. what a way to go out guys. mark, >> thanks. u of a swimmer kevin cordez going to the finals after playing second in the 200-meter breaststroke. he was ahead of the world record time. but he slowed down near the end. his final race is tomorrow night. >> and, diver sam doorman will compete in the men's three meter synchronized spring board. the finals are tomorrow night right here on nbc.
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>> but devin allen is already in rio training for the 110- meter hurdles. >> he is just there with his teammates at the moment. he has a much larger team of support headed his way. >> reporter: his mother, father, and sister are part of a ten person group >> reporter: it is a busy week for justin barnes. he is starting football camp at arizona christian. he is flying to rio to see one of his best friends compete for gold. >> this is all about devin. to be there in this point in his life and mine, i can say hey, i was at the olympics with one of my best friends. >> a 21st birthday present has
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a very reluctant okay from his coach has him hissing the first week of camp. >> it is a once in a lifetime thing. and, we hope that devin comes home with the gold. it is a chance to support his friend. >> do you think devin has a chance to take this home? >> i think devin can take it all. i told him you are running 12-9- 7. >> reporter: regardless, one of his best friends will be there to ryan cody, 12news. coming up in 8 minutes we head back to rio and we will talk to an arizona o olympian about overcoming obstacles within to find the courage to compete. well, taking a live look at
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now, a much different sight than what we saw this morning when monsoon storms hit tucson and swept through the phoenix area bringing thick blowing dust, rain, and even some flooding. we are going to take a look at the hour by hour forecast now. and tomorrow, it looks like things could get pretty active once again. at 8:00 in the morning we have a 60% chance of thunderstorms here in the valley. at noon, we have a 50% chance so it looks like that will be the best time frame for us to be the most active. the rain chances coming down to about a 30% chance. but, regardless of where the storms hit, there is the potential for flooding, a flash flood watch in effect for maricopa county and really a majority of the state tomorrow. so be aware of that as the weather start going tomorrow. we want to take things live to monique griego with a look at some of the most intense weather video of the day. plus, how some people are
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monique? >> reporter: well, another storm just rolled through buckeye out here in the west valley. nothing serious, no damage. just some wet roads but that may change tomorrow. now, earlier today, a huge wall of dust, strong winds and rain made their way into the southeast valley. dust clouds settling in over area freeways while water filled the streets and tonight some folks in mesa are not taking any chances. they filled up sandbags provided by the mesa fire department. >> one of the things we continue to do is make sure that we are on the front end available. getting out some public education. >> you feel the thunder going in the middle of the night. you want to make sure you have towels down with the cracks. don't have to worry about it. we are live in buckeye. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. >> thank you monique. we are following breaking news now. newly released police reports say investigators have
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shooters crime scenes. they were given vehicle descriptions in at licitly least three of the attacks. more breaking news. a 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing and killing his three- year-old brother over the weekend. shane holloway was seen running from the family's home covered in blood. three other children were also found at the scene. and police say a nine-year-old girl had been assaulted by murder of a combat veteran coming together to make sure the search for his killer doesn't end. >> dustin shirk survived iraq only to be gunned down at a public park in the valley. pokimon go players among more than a dozen people who witnessed it. >> trisha hendricks is talking to some of dustin's loved one to night. >> reporter: dustin would have turned 31 today.
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park he was shot multiple times at to remember him. >> he is going toward the sunshine. >> reporter: balloons and bubble into the air just two weeks after someone murdered dustin. >> they are going to heaven. it is where he is because he is a good man >> he helped me move along to join the navy. >> reporter: mitchell makenzie was texting back and forth with dustin about pokimon go only about 15 minutes before he was shot down. >> i was just texting him back answers about pretty much anything he needed to know. and, that was literally like the last bit of the conversation. >> reporter: police think robbery has been the motive. dustin's mom homes for a break in the case. >> whoever took my son's life away from me, we want them
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served. >> reporter: the funeral will be open to the public. live in the news room, trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. what if you saw someone swerving? what if he is a cop? what happens next? >> tonight, a 12news exclusive investigation. >> 12news back in rio and talking to allison schmidt about her moving her battle with depression, and how she bounced back on the international stage. ?
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>> he is known as schmidty, allison schmidt. she is in rio now after training at asu with michael phelps and bob bowman. she is looking to add more medals to her repertory. but her journey to brazil has not always be an easy one. here is someone with no idea what is coming. 2012, allison schmidt aiming to swim in the london olympics training alongside michael phelps training and chating the
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silence two hours. i can't sit there 30 seconds without saying anything. >> reporter: schmidt won five medals, three of them gold. >> allison schmidt is going to hang out for the united states. >> reporter: she came from behind as the final leg in the four by 200 free style. on twitter, the fans beamed, samuel l. jackson giving her 13 exclamation >> amazing. it is great to have a gold medal. >> reporter: now here is someone with no idea what is coming. >> i think everybody goes through it. everybody has their ups and downs. mine was very clear. >> reporter: in the next two years, she faced struggles in the pool and family tragedy out of it. she fell into a deep depression and turned to therapy to rise out. it took time, patience, and courage. it is something she has made a point to discuss. >> it is a white elephant in
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be. it is something everybody goes through. >> reporter: well, this is not all she wants to do. she qualified for a pair of event ins rio and will defend her gold. she is one of three women's teams captain. >> allison's coaches and fellow swimmers telling us they absolutely love the way that she has been able to bounce back. they say she form of her career and it would not surprise anybody here if she were to add more medals to the ones she already has. we hope that is the case. caribe? >> thanks vanessa. all right, we are keeping count. here's a look at the medal count for the u.s. so far. we have a total of 26 medals. nine gold. eight silver. and nine bronze. and we are currently leading the overall nation medal count.
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he is the only higher ranking officer in the mesa police department arrested for drunk driving in the last five years. >> but this wasn't just an officer driving tipsy. it was an alarming intoxication level. and a test to see if different rules applied in different people. >> reporter wendy halloran joins us with her exclusive story, professional courtesy. wendy? >> reporter: profesal courtesy, that is how it is referred to when police look out for their own. cops shouldn't ticket or arrest other cops unless there are aggravating circumstances. he used to investigate other officers as an internal affairs investigator. on a february evening when the
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gilbert police,. mesa police lieutenant rick vangalder would make sure. that is not the first time he has had interaction with gilbert police. the caller had no idea who was behind the wheel. >> the yellow license plate.
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dominguez, a rookie cop had just started field training. >> i need your license please. any weapons, anything illegal in the vehicle? >> my gun. >> where is your weapon? >> right there. >> reporter: he unloads the pistol. >> i had a beer. i had a beer and pizza. >> reporter: he would contradict himself. >> it is our job to keep the runway safe. you should know that okay? >> reporter: the responding officers seen handcuffed. >> we have slurred speech. your driving behavior. >> i have 20 years on the job. >> reporter: van galder wants them to perk his car and allow him to walk home.
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>> reporter: he wants them to let him go and cut him a break. >> like i said, a lot of police officers feel that pressure to take care of their brother. >> reporter: dwayne wolf is a retired police officer. now a law instructor in a community ledge in minnesota. >> he is going to arrest him. >> reporter: van galder is handcuffed. gi thing and didn't cave into pressure. >> that doesn't serve the profession. it doesn't serve the department. and quite honestly, it doesn't serve the officer to make them a better officer. they get the attitude that there are no consequences for the actions. >> reporter: meantime, his wife teresa, a homicide detective for the police department is questioned by the field training officer. he realizes she is intoxicated
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onto the seat between her legs. neither of them are sober enough to be behind the wheel. >> officers like you. >> sir, i respect your position. >> no, you don't. i'll do anything you want. >> reporter: he has asked if he will submit to a blood draw. then he pulls the cop card. >> i have a thin blue line tattoo on my arm. i have watched officers die. for god come on. >> reporter: then he begins to berate officer saladin. >> how long have you been on the job brother? why won't you answer that question? >> because you are being confrontation with me. i don't want to argue with you. you are belittling me. >> reporter: van galder suggested the cops should be more differential in his presence like hose of more lower rank than him at mesa pd. >> i respect your imput and your advice.
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awe. >> i know you have had a stellar career. >> you have no idea. >> reporter: lab results showed the blood results came back at .306. at that level of .3, you are dealing with someone who has had more than ten drinks. almost 20. coming up to a level that is really on a lot of the charts. it would be almost is a pathologist. >> i have seen levels that are higher but that is in the deceased. >> reporter: she examined the toxicology and arrest reports for us. >> to get to that level and got be unconscious would suggest he has some level of experience with alcohol. >> reporter: john mesa declined our repeated request about an on camera interview about that
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wife. >> do you have anything to say to the people of your department or the people you investigated in internal affairs about your dui? >> nope. >> reporter: but neither would say much. almost two weeks ago, lieutenant van galder pleaded guilty to super extreme dui. other charges were dismissed following a plea offer from the gilbert city prosecutor. that came with a three day jail sentence which he already served 11 days with electronic monitoring and continuous alcohol monitoring. nay is a pd confirms the termination paper work has been started against him. but a final decision has not yet been made. wendy halloran, 12news. real weather. expert forecasting. caribe devine. you're watching 12news at 10:00. >> good evening everybody. if you were out about 8:30 looking off to the west, you may have noticed lightning
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didn't make it pretty far. fizzling as they made their way toward the white tank mountains. tonight, we are quiet across arizona but we are still anticipating more moisture to be pulled in tomorrow. monsoon moisture aided by remnant moisture from what was tropical storm javier. the models are fluctuating quite a bit on where the heaviest rain will be. but they are still trending with the heaviest stuff being mainly east of the phoenix area. you can see the blue there indicating rainfall amounts over half an i portions there of the east valley. and also, two plus inches for some areas in southeast arizona. that is how we had the flash flood watches in effect throughout the state. very important to be aware of what is happening when the storms move into your area. very high numbers there on the monsoon meters. 9s in northern arizona. our moisture is taping off thursday. the weekend is dry and warmer. mark back to you. a former valley high school
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staying at asu. don't go to bed. coop has the answer coming up. >> he was a rising star among church pastors nationally. then he was forced to fold after allegations of misspending church funding and plagiarism. he has resurfaced in our community.
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>> three runs on five hits and picking up his 11th win of the season. the diamondbacks win their second in a row by three in the final. will he stay or will he go? a football valley star rumored
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>> vice perkins is no longer in the running for the deviling starting quarterback this year. it will either go to manny wilkins or brady wright. perkins left practice early on monday prompting speculation he was transferring. bryce was no longer a candidate to start and he was about a position change. despite that, bryce will not be transferring and will be staying at asu. don't go away. our shot of the day is right
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